27 February 2019

Stretch Film :

Stretch Film, Stretch Wrap Film, LDPE Stretch Film

AV Packaging Industries are the manufacturers and suppliers of Stretch Film, LDPE Stretch Film, Industrial Stretch Film at the best price. We offer our Stretch Film Roll wholesale in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, India.

Stretch Wrap Film  /or Stretch Film is a stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items and pallets. Stretch Wrapping Films’ elastic properties keep items tightly bound together for packaging, shipping, and storage. Economical polyethylene hi-clarity stretch wrap film is offered as bundling stretch film, hand stretch film, extended core stretch film, and machine stretch film rolls.

Our Stretch wrap films feature superior break strength, clarity, tear resistance not found in another stretch film. Extruded or cast polyethylene stretch film and stretch wrap are available depending on your stretch film need.

Machine Wrap Film:

The machine-grade stretch films provide both high strength and high stretch. They’re specially manufactured to stretch up to 300%, depending on the gauge. This enables more pallet loads per roll to be wrapped, using less film, resulting in the lowest cost per load. With high-performance film, the more it is stretched, the more the film recovers to hold loads tight and prevent product damage.

Hand Wrap Film:

It is specially formulated to stretch less than conventional hand application films for superior integrity on loads that shift during transit. This two-sided cling film is exceptionally tough and resilient and has minimal width reduction, providing superior load holding power at an economical price.